[Wildflowers of the Southwestern Deserts and Mountains of the United States]

Wildflowers with Five Petals in the Deserts and Mountains of the American Southwest

Broad-leaved Aliciella, Broad-leaved Gilia: Aliciella latifolia ssp. latifolia (Synonyms: Gilia latifolia, Gilia latifolia ssp. latifolia, Gilia latifolia var. latifolia)

Broad-leaved Gilia: Aliciella latifolia ssp. latifolia

Acanthus Family: Acanthaceae

Moschatel Family: Adoxaceae

Amaranth Family: Amaranthaceae

Sumac Family: Anacardiaceae

Parsley Family: Apiaceae

Dogbane and Milkweed Family: Apocynaceae

Borage Family: Boraginaceae (includes the Waterleaf Family: Hydrophyllaceae)

Honeysuckle Family: Caprifoliaceae

Pink Family: Caryophyllaceae

Goosefoot Family: Chenopodiaceae

Bastard Toadflax Family: Comandraceae

Morning Glorys and Dodder: Convolvulaceae

Stonecrop Family: Crassulaceae

Gourd Family: Cucurbitaceae

Heath Family: Ericaceae

Spurge Family: Euphorbiaceae

Pea Family: Fabaceae

Geranium Family: Geraniaceae

Gooseberry and Currant Family: Grossulariaceae

Mint Family: Lamiaceae

Blazing Star Family: Loasaceae

Mallow Family: Malvaceae

Four O'clock Family: Nyctaginaceae

Broomrape Family: Orobanchaceae (includes paintbrush and owl's clovers)

Monkeyflowers or the Lopseed Family: Phrymaceae

Plantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Phlox Family: Polemoniaceae

Purslane Family: Portulacaceae

Buttercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Buckthorn Family: Rhamnaceae

Rose Family: Rosaceae

Lizaed'sTail Family: Saururaceae: 5-7 or more petals

Nightshade Family: Solanaceae

Verbena Family: Verbenaceae

Valerian Family: Valerianaceae

Violet Family: Violaceae

Caltrop Family: Zygophyllaceae

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