[Wildflowers with Five Petals in the Deserts and Mountains of the American Southwest]

The Violet Family in the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest


Sagebrush Violet: Viola vallicola

Sagebrush Violet: Viola vallicola

Canada White Violet, Canadian White Violet, Tall White Violet: Viola canadensis var. canadensis (Synonyms: Viola canadensis var. pubens; Viola canadensis var. rydbergii; Viola canadensis var. scariosa; Viola geminiflora; Viola muriculata; Viola neomexicana; Viola rydbergii) - Plants solitary. Unbranched rhizomes. One to several stems from 11-46 cm.

Creepingroot Violet, Creeping Root Violet, Rugose Violet, Tall White Violet: Viola canadensis var. rugulosa (Synonyms: Lophion rugulosum, Viola discurrens, Viola rugulosa) - Plants forming colonies. Branched rhizomes. Stems one to several from 10-40 cm.

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